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Technical software

Development of Technical Software for dimensioning mechanical engineering components, (based on technical standards and established concepts), such as

  • Geometry of cylindrical gear pairs,
  • Geometry of bevel gear pairs,
  • Mechanical unions by keys,
  • Mechanical interference joints,

and made available on our wsAPP* portal.

Development of electronic catalogs for product selection.

Mechanical engineering projects

Development of

  • New projects,
  • Project repowering,
  • Technical evaluations,
  • Reverse engineering

for Gear Speed Reducers (Multipliers) and their auxiliary external components.

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The QGWS project aims to develop solutions for managing specific processes in the industrial and service areas, in a single and integrated environment, allowing greater agility, flexibility and business knowledge.

With experienced staff in technical management, solutions for the areas of quality engineering, maintenance and mechanics, in addition to manufacturing and commercial processes, are developed using the most efficient web tools.

WolkeSoft makes its Project/Process Management modules (QGWS) available on its wsAPP portal (on Web Cloud).

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Digital marketing

Web Presence


Development of responsive and dynamic websites to promote your company and/or products and services.

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